House of Transformer Accessories

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About us

Viat is a part of a Group of companies that manufacture and sell accessories for distribution and power transformers.

Our other brand, Atvus Industries manufactures transformer accessories for the Indian market.
Another outlet, Viat America caters to USA and North American customers-

We are..
One of the most aggressive and growing manufacturer of  components for the world transformer industry.

ISO certified system for design and manufacture of transformer components.

Export house status granted by the Govt. of India.

Presence in six continents. Customer list includes over 300 transformer manufacturers including most leading brands worldwide.

40 years of experience in the transformer industry

Instruments in operation in over 5,000,000 transformers in 42 countries.

New products and models launched regularly to cater to the needs of the industry.

Customized products to meet individual requirements available

Product design and quality standards are continuously upgraded

A very responsive sales and production team is always at your service.


  15,000 Square feet of covered area..

..State of the art manufacturing and testing facility